Understanding the SRP & Preparing a Workforce Plan

Understanding the SRP & Preparing a Workforce Plan
This workshop for principals and assistant principals will focus on understanding your school’s SRP and preparing an effective workforce plan for 2021.

The workshop will cover:
- Unpacking the various components of the School Resource Package
- Workforce planning and budgeting concepts
- Major issues that impact on staff planning
- Creating a sustainable workforce plan
- Hands on modelling the SRP using your school’s data

Sue was a PCO for over 20 years and was a principal of a large secondary college with 150+ staff until she relinquished the position in 2019.  She brings a wealth of experience in effectively using financial resources to reach the school’s strategic objectives.   Sue has supported primary and secondary principals with their workforce planning, across many settings. Sue has a clear focus on providing practical information and resources that can be immediately used in schools.

As part of this PD, you will be provided with a spreadsheet (primary and/or secondary version) that will enable you to model various scenarios in your school and investigate how these scenarios would change the various components of your school’s SRP.   For example, you could change the number of students per year level and then generate a new SRP budget document and see the impact on Core Student Learning, Education State (equity) both in credit and cash.

*Participants need to be able to access the SRP Indicative Detailed Budget Report for 2021 either online or in hardcopy.

8/17/2022 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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