Learning Specialists: Community of Practice

Learning Specialists: Community of Practice

This is a workshop specifically designed for current Learning Specialists, as well as for teachers who have been appointed to the role of Learning Specialist and who are keen to establish a Community of Practice. The workshop will provide an opportunity to develop relationships with colleagues in other schools and to gain valuable professional learning designed to enhance the work of a Learning Specialist. 

The workshop will be facilitated by Ian Wallis, Project Services Coordinator for VASSP. Ian is a former secondary school Principal who delivers professional development, leadership coaching and consultancy services to schools across the state. Ian has been working with Learning Specialists from a number of secondary colleges for the past two years.

Learning Intent

By the end of this session, participants will have:

- Networked with LS from other schools, learned about their roles and how they were playing them, and discussed some of the key challenges that they have faced, or are anticipating this year
- Shared their experiences so far as LS, and identified what their impact had been, and on what teams, and what teachers
- Sought to identify any common roles that have emerged from this discussion
- Gained clarity around how the Four Pillars of Effective Leadership might inform all their work
- Gained greater clarity on what are common roles in other schools
- Undertaken some readings and discussed what learnings they have gained from these readings, and how they might use these learnings to better inform their work
- Gained clarity on the common roles LS and LT play, and the key differences in their respective roles
- Agreed on ways in which they can collaborate together to enhance their roles and impact
- Gained clarity on what a GROWTH coaching conversation aims to do, and the framework that it uses
- Identified who the teachers and teaching teams most likely to be their direct sphere of influence, and how they might work with them
- Gained clarity about how they might assess their impact
- Participated in a workshop with other LSs in their specialty, shared goals and experiences and reflected on how such interactions might inform their work

Community of Practice Workshop

Develop an understanding of a Community of Practice and meet with Learning Specialists from other schools to undertake a formal activity in which you:
- discuss what roles you are playing in your schools
- reflect on whether what you hear from other participants might enhance your work
- identify common challenges in your roles
- share how you are, and can better meet those challenges.

Professional Learning Workshop

Participate in a workshop in which you will be introduced to a number of tools and resources that will enhance your role as a Learning Specialist.

Future Actions

Identify actions that you might take to further your networking with other schools’ Learning Specialists, or that you might undertake when you return to your schools.

Registration will be confirmed

Cancellation of attendance is required 7 days prior to the workshop.

Numbers are limited so places will be filled in order of registration.

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Enquiries to Ashley Michailaros at amichailaros@vassp.org.au.

3/24/2021 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Unit 2, 13-21 Vale Street NORTH MELBOURNE VIC 3084

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