Strategic Intent


The Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals (VASSP) adds value to Principalship by supporting members to grow professionally as leaders, representing them in policy development and implementation and staunchly advocating for public education.

Strategic Intent

1. VASSP will effectively support members to grow professionally and personally at all stages of their school leadership by:

i) Providing professional and personal support, advice and information for members.

ii) Facilitating and encouraging the professional growth of members and their leadership teams.

iii) Providing opportunities for collegiality and sharing of professional practice.

iv) Recruiting and inducting new members.

2. VASSP will effectively represent members in DET decision-making, policy development and implementation by:

i) Consulting with and engaging members;

a) Being accessible to all members.

b) Ensuring the opportunity for involvement and commitment of members in policy development.

c) Providing open communication between members and Committee/Executive.

ii) Influencing DET and Government policy development.

iv) Influencing DET and Government policy implementation.

3. VASSP will be an effective advocate for public education and Principalship (principal, assistant principal and aspirants) by:

i) Actively celebrating and promoting public education at state, national and international levels.

ii) Proudly and actively promoting Principalship and school leadership as a dynamic, proactive and inclusive professional association.

iii) Having a strong public voice in educational debate in Victoria.

iv) Proactively providing educational/leadership models, strategies and policies based on research and educational practice.

v) Developing partnerships and alliances with community, state, national and international stakeholders.


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